Clifford Brown
クリフォード ブラウン
Beginning And The End, The (w/shrink wrap, KC#)

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(US)Columbia KC 32284 / リリース年:1973/Mono USオリジナル

Condition(カバー) : M-
Conditon(盤) : M-
A1. I Come From Jamaica 1:58
A2. Ida Red 1:58
A3. Walkin' 11:37
B1. Night In Tunisia 11:01
B2. Donna Lee 7:01

Clifford Brown (tp)
Vance Wilson (as: A1, A2)
Billy Root (ts: A3 ~ B2)
Vance Wilson (ts: A1, A2)
Ziggy Vines (ts: A3 ~ B2)
Eddie Lambert (g: A1, A2)
Duke Wells (p: A1, A2)
Sam Dockery (p: A3 to B2)
Ace Tisone (b: A3 ~ B2)
James Johnson (b: A1, A2)
Ellis Tollin (ds: A3 ~ B2),
Osie Johnson (ds: A1, A2)
Chris Powell (vo, per: A1, A2)
Don Schlitten (prod)

Recorded in Chicago, March 21, 1952. (A1 ~ A2)
Recorded in Philadelphia, June 25, 1956. (A3 ~ B2)
Clifford Brown Beginning And The End, The (w/shrink wrap, KC#)


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