Ronnie Lane
ロニー レイン
Anymore For Anymore

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sold out

(JPN) Philips RJ 5160 / リリース年:1974/Stereo JPNオリジナル
美盤、フェイシズ脱退後の1stアルバム。ギャラガー&ライルも参加のノスタルジックで明るく素朴で繊細なプレイが素晴らしい名盤。レアな日本盤。超音波洗浄機でクリーニング済(Cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning machine)。

Condition(カバー) : M-/EX
Conditon(盤) : M-
A1. Careless Love 4:06
A2. Don't You Cry For Me 4:30
A3. Bye And Bye (Gonna See The King) 5:49
A4. Silk Stockings 1:49
A5. The Poacher 3:45
B1. Roll On Babe 3:20
B2. Tell Everyone 2:56
B3. Amelia Earhart's Last Flight 3:37
B4. Anymore For Anymore 3:45
B5. Only A Bird In A Gilded Cage 1:05
B6. Chicken Wired 4:25

Ronnie Lane (vo, g, prod)
The Tanners Of Montgomery (b-vo)
Graham Lyle (g, banjo, mandolin)
Benny Gallagher (g)
Kevin Westlake (g)
Ken Slaven (fiddle)
Jimmy Jewell (sax)
Bill Livesey (key)
Steve Bingham (b)
Benny Gallagher (b, accordion)
Bruce Rowland (per, prod: A2, A5)
Glyn Johns (prod: B2)
Andy Knight (engineer)
Ronnie Lane Anymore For Anymore


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