Frank Zappa (The Mothers Of Invention)
フランク ザッパ
Uncle Meat

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(US)Bizarre 2 MS 2024 / リリース年:1969/Stereo USオリジナル
フランク・ザッパ最高傑作の1枚。現代音楽から多大な影響を受けたアンサンブルが素晴らしい。代表曲「King Kong」収録。このくらいのコンディションのものは大変レアです。
マトは全面末尾、1B、全面手書き。超音波洗浄機でクリーニング済(Cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning machine)

Condition(カバー) : M-/ボーダー天部及び内側天部付近:VG+

Conditon(盤) : M-[Ex]
A1. Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme 1:54
A2. The Voice Of Cheese 0:27
A3. Nine Types Of Industrial Pollution 5:56
A4. Zolar Czakl 0:57
A5. Dog Breath, In The Year Of The Plague 5:51
A6. The Legend Of The Golden Arches 1:24
A7. Louie Louie (At The Royal Albert Hall In London) (Berry) 2:28
A8. The Dog Breath Variations 1:36
B1. Sleeping In A Jar 0:49
B2. Our Bizarre Relationship 1:05
B3. The Uncle Meat Variations 4:40
B4. Electric Aunt Jemima 1:53
B5. Prelude To King Kong 3:24
B6. God Bless America (Live At The Whisky A Go Go) (Berlin) 1:22
B7. A Pound For A Brown On The Bus 1:29
B8. Ian Underwood Whips It Out (Live On Stage In Copenhagen) 5:08
C1. Mr. Green Genes 3:10
C2. We Can Shoot You 1:48
C3. "If We'd All Been Living In California . . . " 1:29
C4. The Air 2:57
C5. Project X 4:47
C6. Cruising For Burgers 2:19
D1. King Kong Itself (As Played By The Mothers In A Studio) 0:53
D2. King Kong (Its Magnificence As Interpreted By Dom DeWild) 1:15
D3. King Kong (As Motorhead Explains It) 1:44
D4. King Kong (The Gardner Varieties) 6:17
D5. King Kong (As Played By 3 Deranged Good Humor Trucks) 0:29
D6. King Kong (Live On A Flat Bed Diesel In The Middle Of A Race Track At A Miami Pop Festival . . . The Underwood Ramifications) 7:25
Frank Zappa (The Mothers Of Invention) Uncle Meat

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