Laura Nyro
ローラ ニーロ
Christmas and the Beads of Sweat(1A/1A, w/shrink wrap)

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(US)Columbia KC 30259 / リリース年:1970/Stereo USオリジナル
彼女の代表作『New York Tendaberry』に続く彼女の4thアルバム。ザ・ラスカルズのフェリックス・キャヴァリエ等を迎えての好盤。キャロル・キングの「Up On The Roof」他収録。ハイプ・ステッカー付
ざら紙カバー。超音波洗浄機でクリーニング済(Cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning machine)

Condition(カバー) : M-

Conditon(盤) : M-
A1. Brown Earth 4:11
A2. When I Was A Freeport And You Were The Main Drag 2:46
A3. Blackpatch 3:36
A4. Been On A Train 5:52
A5. Up On The Roof 3:15
B1. Upstairs By A Chinese Lamp 5:34
B2. Map To The Treasure 8:09
B3. Beads Of Sweat 4:44
B4. Christmas In My Soul 7:04

Laura Nyro (vo, p, arr)
Stu Sharf (ag: A1 ~ A5)
Eddie Hinton (g: A1 ~ A5)
Cornell Dupree (g: B1 ~ B4)
Alice Coltrane (harp: B1 ~ B4)
Barry Becket* (vib: A1 ~ A5)
Felix Cavaliere (org: A1 ~ A5, prod)
Ashod Garabedian (oud: B1 ~ B4)
Joe Farrell (woodwind)
Chuck Rainey (b: B1 ~ B4)
Dave Hood (b: A1 ~ A5)
Michael Szittai (cimbaloms: B1 ~ B4)
Jack Jennings (per: A1 ~ A5)
Ralph Macdonald (per: B1 ~ B4)
Dino Danelli (ds: B1 ~ B4)
Roger Hawkins (ds: A1 ~ A5)
Boys From Mussel Shoals (b-vo: A1 ~ A5)
Arif Mardin (arr, conduct, prod)
Beth O'Brian (cover art)
Laura Nyro Christmas and the Beads of Sweat(1A/1A, w/shrink wrap)

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