Slapp Happy / Henry Cow
スラップ ハッピー / ヘンリー カウ
Desperate Straights

sold out
sold out

(UK)Recommended RRA 12 / リリース年:1982/Stereo UKプレス

Condition(カバー) : M-[Ex]
Conditon(盤) : M-
A1. Some Questions About Hats 1:53
A2. The Owl 2:17
A3. A Worm Is At Work 1:52
A4. Bad Alchemy 3:06
A5. Europa 2:48
A6. Desperate Straights 4:14
A7. Riding Tigers 2:02
B1. Apes In Capes 2:16
B2. Strayed 1:54
B3. Giants 1:57
B4. Excerpt From The Messiah 1:49
B5. In The Sickbay 2:09
B6. Caucasian Lullaby 8:25

Tim Hodgkinson (cl)
John Greaves (b)
Chris Cutler (ds)
Henry Cow, Simon Heyworth, Slapp Happy (arr, prod)
Dagmar Krause (vo)
Peter Blegvad (vo)
Anthony Moore (p)
Fred Frith (g)
Geoff Leigh (fl)
Muchsin Campbell (frency horn)
Oboe, Bassoon Lindsay Cooper (oboe, bassoon)
Nick Evans (trombone)
Mongezi Feza (trumpet)
Fred Frith (g)
Peter Blegvad (g)
Slapp Happy / Henry Cow Desperate Straights


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