Todd Rundgren
トッド ラングレン
A Wizard, A True Star (完品, RL)

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(US)Bearsville BR 2133 / リリース年:1972/Stereo USオリジナル
両面「STERLING」刻印、ボブ・ラディッグによるミックスを表す手書き「RL」刻印あり、変形、ゲート・フォールド・カバー。超音波洗浄機でクリーニング済(Cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning machine)。

Condition(カバー) : M-[Ex]/EX[VG++]

Conditon(盤) : M-
A1. International Feel 2:50
A2. Never Never Land 1:34
A3. Tic Tic Tic It Wears Off 1:14
A4. You Need Your Head 1:02
A5. Rock And Roll Pussy 1:08
A6. Dogfight Giggle 1:05
A7. You Don't Have To Camp Around 1:03
A8. Flamingo 2:34
A9. Zen Archer 5:35
A10. Just Another Onion Head; Da Da Dali 2:23
A11. When The Shit Hits The Fan; Sunset Blvd. 4:02
A12. Le Feel Internacionale 1:51
B1. Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel 4:16
B2. Does Anybody Love You 1:31
Medley. (10:34)
B3-a. I'm So Proud
B3-b. Oooh Baby Baby
B3-c. La La Means I Love You
B3-d. Cool Jerk
B4. Hungry For Love 2:18
B5. I Don't Want To Tie You Down 1:56
B6. Is It My Name? 4:01
B7. Just One Victory 4:59
Todd Rundgren A Wizard, A True Star (完品, RL)

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